The refitting activity has become the main sector in which the company is specialised. In this field, IWOOD MARINE stands out for its marked dinamism, sustained by tradition and technology, operating directly at the customer premises.

The company performs ordinary maintenance works, replacement and restoration of boats inner parts (such as wood, leather, carpets, marbles, mosaics, curtains).

In particular, we are specialised in the varnishing and painting of wooden elements, whether fixed or movable, moreover, in the repairing and/or replacement of elements in leather, both fixed and movable (we repair also scratches, holes and leather color flaws).

In addition, in order to offer to its customers a service as more complete as possible, IWOOD MARINE carries out even interventions of pre-delivery retouchings on the damaged or faulted varnished parts of the internal furniture. The owner Giovanni Radicchi personally performs every work inspection, so as to assess the situation and give the customer an estimate as more precise as possible, and then carries out, in person, all the phases of the intervention, up to the final delivery.

All the materials used, which are accurately selected, undergo our strict quality checks so as to provide the customer with long-lasting warranty extentions.